Cement Factory of Bizerte

Cement Factory of Bizerte

Cement Factory of Bizerte

Public organization

Ministry of Industry and Small and Medium Entreprises

72 51 00 03 - 72 51 09 09

72 51 00 02

BP 53 - Baie de Sebra - 7018 Bizerte (Tunisie)



Ciments of Bizerte: The Cement Factory of Bizerte was created on the bay of Sebra in Southern Bizerte, 65 km North of the Capital Tunis.


Technical Presentation

Since its extension on 1978, the factory has been using the integral dry process. Its yearly clinker production is about 900 000 tons.


The known reserves ensure about 60 years of sure raw material supply.
The mountains surrounding the actual quarry may permit a more important longevity for the factory.

The Cement Factory of Bizerte quarries are manly composed of:

  • Limestone which must be extracted through explosion . They are relatively easy to grind.
  • Grey marl with high aluminium concentration
  • Black marl

The raw materials included in some parts of organic compounds allows improvement in the specific calorific consumption.


The cement Factory of Bizerte currently produces the following hydraulic binders:

  • Artificial Portland cements (standard I): CEM I 32.5 and CEM I 42.5 according to the European standards corresponding respectively to the CP I 32.5 and CP I 42.5 according to Tunisian standard NT 47.01-92.
  • Portland cement is made of; limestone CEM II A-L 32.5 according to the European standard corresponding to the CP with limestone II Al 32.5 according to Tunisian standard NT 47.01-92.
  • The artificial lime CHA. 10 according to Tunisian Standards NT 47-02.

The clinker produced by The Cement Factory of Bizerte is a clinker Portland allowing the production of artificial Portland cements (Type I) and compound (type II) carrying the additional features, Low alkalis and eventually sea setting.

More than Fifty years on the Service of the Construction and the development

Worry of preservation of the environment since the starting of the project

  • Installation of electrostatic precipitators for kiln N°1, kiln N°2, for the two cement mills and for the grate cooler of kiln N°1,
  • Installation of 32 bag filters to sensitive area of production circuits
  • Installation of 11 new bag filters in 2004
  • Impact Study of the quarry and determination of vibration levels due to mines blasting.
  • Control of the fronts height.
  • plantation of trees in the exploited areas of the quarry
  • Use of water spraying lorry in the quarry (since 2005)

Certification of the Environment Management System according to the standard ISO 14001:2004 on September 2008.
Setting up of the Total Quality Management since 1995.

The factory has also succeeded to obtain :

  • several products certifications from many European countries between 1989 and 1995.
  • the certification ISO 9002
  • the CE mark in 2002
  • the certification ISO 9001: 2000 in 2002
  • the Tunisian products certification: NT
    • Cement CEM II A L 32,5N and Cement CEM I 32,5N since 1986
    • Cement CEM I 42,5N in 2003


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